Seow Yi is an international trading company registered in Hong Kong with main operation in Shanghai, the commercial capital of China, established in 2008 by a team of young and motivated people with long experience in the textile machinery field, expecially in the spinning and carding sector.
The Seow Yi main office, strategically located in the Pudong district of Shanghai, half way between the financial center and the International Airport, allows to follow closely all the suppliers and at the same time can be conveniently reached by all foreign visiting customers. Any location in Jangsu and Zhejiang Province, two of the most industrialised provinces in China, can be reached by "1 day trip". This is not only very important for visiting the manufacturers but also for easily carrying out quality control checks of the goods before shipment.
Due to the background of the Seow Yi staff, the main activity of the company is to supply all kinds of spare parts and consumables for the textile spinning with a special focus on the carding sector. Seow Yi therefore can give you all spinning spare parts from one single hand.
In particular for the card clothing sector Seow Yi is able to satisfy any need of any customer thanks to the expertise and long experience of the staff in the specific sector, further Seow Yi can give broad support and recommend the most suitable carding parts for the required use and the specific fiber.
Seow Yi markets all card clothing parts under its own brand name namely
THE PURPLE CROCODILE parts are entirely outsourced and selected among the best specific manufacturers in China, being quality and longevity the main selection criteria.
THE PURPLE CROCODILE card clothing are made with the best available materials, using the latest manufacturing technology and the most advanced local and imported tooling equipment.
All the parts supplied by Seow Yi are manufactured according to western quality standards, many suppliers produce as OEM for world known brands, other suppliers which do not export by themselves have exclusive distribution agreement with Seow Yi.
Besides the parts for the main spinning and Carding fields, which can be found listed in the Seow Yi catalogue as well as in the Seow Yi website, thanks to the right connections with many textile people, Seow Yi is also able to supply a wide range of parts in the neighbouring fields such as for the weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing.
Seow Yi will be glad to evaluate any of your enquiry.
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